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Iced Glow Bling Pretty In Pink

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Our Handmade Iced Beads are one of a kind. You have never seen beads look this good, check out our signature Iced Beads!               __________________________________________________________ Our regular Iced Beads set: Large Set -12 Iced Beads and 12...

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Our Handmade Iced Beads are one of a kind. You have never seen beads look this good, check out our signature Iced Beads!


Our regular Iced Beads set:

Large Set -12 Iced Beads and 12 Plain for Large Beads.

Medium Set -17 Iced Beads and 17 Plain Medium Beads.

Small Set - 20 Iced Beads and 24 Plain small beads.

Our Iced beads are wrapped in bling with rich undertones perfect for your Princess standout in the crowd.

Now introducing Iced Select Sets and Iced Select Beads, a more affordable option for your Princess. Our Iced Select Sets will come in Large, Medium, or small,

Iced Select Sets 

2 Large Bobbles 6 Iced Beads and 18 Plain Beads

2 Medium Bobbles 9 Iced Beads and 25 Plain Beads 

2 Small Bobbles 12 Iced Beads and 32 Plain Beads.  

Iced Select Beads 

Large Set 6 Iced Beads 18 Plain 

Medium Set 9 Iced Beads 25 Plain Beads 

Small Set 12 Iced Beads and 32 Plain Beads 

  • TOP QUALITY – Our Iced Beads are made from fine materials and are hand crafted with Crystal Rhinestone.
  • Pair It – Our Bling Bobbles are made from fine materials and are hand crafted with Crystal Rhinestone. Our Hair Elastic is top quality 2MM that will not snag the hair if used correctly.


Our handmade Iced Beads and Bling Bobbles are highest quality, strongly attached and we only use nontoxic glue. All items are delicate and should be handled with care.

  • Iced Beads are made with plastic/glass pony beads and they are embellished with crystals rhinestones to create a unique sparkly glow. 
  • A lovely and unique way for your princess to stand out! 
  • Iced Beads are for all hair types.
  • Our Bling Bobbles are made with 2mm no-metal hair elastics, great for all hair type.
  • Easy to use.

 *If you purchase a set of Ice Beads you can purchase the matching plain beads at the below price to complete your braid style. (Iced Beads are more than braids you can do ponytails paired with our matching Bling Bobbles see our Instagram or Blog for Princess Pictures of styles)

 *If you purchase one bag of Iced Beads, additional plain matching beads are 2.99 per pack (Large 24 Medium 34 Small 44)

*Please Note that all hair bling is handmade and need 7-14 business days for processing. *

 Care Instructions

All Items are Handmade with Love,

*Do not dip Ice Beads in HOT WATER ever. (Please advise braider)

*Please avoid getting “Hair Bling’ wet as this causes your “Hair Bling” to lose color and loosens the glue. (If your Princess is bathing, please use shower cap)

*It is best you let your Ice rest, so please removed at night to avoid any damage or have Princess sleep with a Bonnet.

* All Ice Products are re-usable; Please put Ice back in its protective bags, to extend life of the product.

*Carefully wrap balls around hair to avoid snagging, and never pull the Ice Bobbles out of hair.

*Returns Policy 

Our 30 Day return policy covers any damaged or unwanted item. 

*Iced Care Warranty Program

Our Iced Care warranty program is an added protection that will cover your Ice beyond the 30-Day grace period given on all our Ice.  You can add a plan that will cover your Ice for 18 months from the date of purchase.  This Iced Care extended warranty is for Hair Bling only and it covers, the bling, elastic, beads and bobbles. Any damage that errors to your Ice within your covered period can be returned for a new replacement at no cost. Just pay shipping and handling. Our Hair Bling is a major investment into your Princesses mane upkeep, and we want to do our best to give you a quality product that last. 

We got your Princess covered.  

Warranty Program Cost

1 Set for 6.99 for 18 Month Coverage

2 Sets for 9.99 For 18 Month Coverage

3 Sets for 12.99 For 18 Month Coverage

4 Sets For 16.99 For 18 Month Coverage

*All sets must have a plan if you want them to be covered. Example if you have 3 sets in one order you have to choose the 12.99 option to get all sets covered or if you only want one, please send a email to contact@icedprincess.com with the set you want the coverage on.



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Iced Glow Bling Pretty In Pink
Large Iridescent - $19.99
  • Large Iridescent - $19.99
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  • Baby Iridescent - $10.99
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Iced Glow Bling Pretty In Pink

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