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The Iced Princess “Hair Bling” collection was created for my two younger daughters Brooklyn and Bella’s “Sister’s” brand. I started the Sisters brand for the girls about a year ago, which will feature various products that cater to young African American girls. As I looked at the market place for items that looked like my girls they were hard to find. So I decided that I will create them, because our girls deserve to have items that look like them too! Brooklyn and Bella loves looking like Princess all the time, so I wonder “How many other girls love walking around all glammed up”. Couldn’t just be my two, right? When the girls would put on their Princess dresses and get there hair done, they would say “I’m pretty mom, I’m a Princess” and I would encourage them, like yes. You are.  The girls hate getting their hair combed so I would create these magical bows, to make them feel special.  “Momma has the magic bows now come and get pretty”. It was the only way for me to get them to sit still to get hair combed.

So I had a moment where I wanted to share that with every little girl, who doesn’t like to get there hair combed. These” Magical Bow’s” are the secret ingredients to making your Princess want to get all dolled up. All our items are handmade with love and seal with ice. The Ice Princess collection will feature all unique items that will set you apart from the crowd. We have: Iced Bows, Blingrrettes, Bling Balls, Iced Beads and Iced Apparel.  

We will be evolving, on this journey in making your Princess feel special. This is a black owned business and we would love your support.

 Thank You

Nichelle , Brooklyn and Bella   

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